Saturday, September 3, 2011

White Coat

Tyler's White Coat ceremony is an event we have been looking forward to!
The White Coat is a kick off to starting Dental School...

My darling Mom sent a white package with us when we moved for Tyler to open on his White Coat Day!  The present was filled with lots of "white" goodies! My Mom always thinks of the cutest gifts! 



Congrats Ty...I mean Student Doctor Tyler Hicks!

Tyler's Dental School Friends

Dental Wives.... Its a team effort, so feel free to call me Student Doctor Lauren!

It was so great to have Ty's mom here with us for this special day!

I am so proud and grateful for Tyler! He worked so hard to get into Dental School! It was nice to have this ceremony for him to be recognized. Ty and I are both excited for what is to come and feel so blessed he got into U of L, because we could't have picked a better place for our family!  


  1. How exciting! Lauren, I miss you guys so much! Seriously. Life seems so boring with you gone. We need to skype this week. I wish you would have been here to go to Swiss Days with me this weekend. Love you!!

  2. Yeah congrats!! looking good in that white coat!!

  3. Congrats Tyler, what a cool ceremony! Miss you tons Lauren!!