Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sherri's Visit

Tyler's Mom Sherri came out in August for his white coat ceremony!
We had so much fun with her! Of course I tried to be prepared and bought Diet Coke especially for her! But we still had to go get more. In the mornings I would ask her what she would like to drink and she would say her morning coffee....which meant Diet Coke! She is hilarious :)

These gorgeous flowers were not found in a garden....Sherri took this pic in Kroger the grocery store!  We could not get over how beautiful and vibrant they were. Sherri stocked our fridge and pantry with sweet!

Sometimes Sherri and I get a little goofy together...Tyler and Ron just roll their eyes!  But I love being silly especially with Sherri! Grater's ice cream is so yummy! Sherri stocked our freezer with 3 pints!!

We went to Schimpff's Confectionery in Indiana and watched them make candy.

They were making what they are most famous for... Red Hots. They have been open since 1891!

We had blast eating delicious homemade candy and drinking to die for homemade cherry coke! I crave their cherry coke and I don't even drink soda pop!

The funnest place we went to dinner was Lynn's Paradise Cafe. Man vs Food did an episode there!

Lynn's has cool store before you go into the dining area. Rock on!

Tyler Loves his Mom!

The outside of this restraunt is almost as fun as the inside! The 3 of us had such a great night together!

Before Sherri headed home we met up with Ty at the hospital for lunch.

Tyler is such a babe in his scrubs!

I love this picture! Sherri got Ty a sweet new backpack & of course Tyler was stoked! He had had his other one since the 7th grade! haha (inside joke)

No we did not plan our outfits... but we look pretty cute together!
Sherri is such an incredible Mom, Wife, and Lady! I feel so blessed to have her as my mother-in-law! Tyler and I are so grateful that she was able to come out to Kentucky and spend time with us!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mammoth Cave

Ty and I decided to do something adventurous this past Labor Day... we went caving!  Just under 2 hours away from us is a well know National Park... Mammoth Cave!

The park is beautiful and extremely big! There is almost 400 miles of caves to explore as well as camp sites, bike and hiking trails, horse back riding, boating/canoeing, and even a zip-line. We chose to explore the caves.

I was excited and nervous at the same time for the tour called the New Entrance...

We took a short bus ride through the gorgeous park to the "New Entrance"... this highly secured door.  From here we went down a total of 250 feet to our first resting spot. Can you say...claustrophobic!  Well I was but my cute husband calmed my nerves and I was fine the rest of the way.

Better not fall...

Watch your head...

I'm crouching down in this pic even though I probably could stand straight up!

Tyler and his noticeable walk

Maybe I could hold the rock up long enough for us to get out...?

So glad I brought my camera to take model pics of my hubbie! haha

The coolest place on our tour was called Frozen Niagara. It is 130 feet below the surface.

We went down and additional 48 stairs to a cool room to look up at the rocks that resemble Niagara Falls.

Kinda gross looking if you ask me!  But we were still hungry!

KFC anyone?! 

My darling nephew asked me when I was visiting UT how Kentucky was. Then he asked if I had had a lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken! Haha I told him not yet but that was a great question. So this chicken bite is to you Cameron! :)

Tyler and I had a great trip to Mammoth Cave! We defiantly will be making trips back!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

White Coat

Tyler's White Coat ceremony is an event we have been looking forward to!
The White Coat is a kick off to starting Dental School...

My darling Mom sent a white package with us when we moved for Tyler to open on his White Coat Day!  The present was filled with lots of "white" goodies! My Mom always thinks of the cutest gifts! 



Congrats Ty...I mean Student Doctor Tyler Hicks!

Tyler's Dental School Friends

Dental Wives.... Its a team effort, so feel free to call me Student Doctor Lauren!

It was so great to have Ty's mom here with us for this special day!

I am so proud and grateful for Tyler! He worked so hard to get into Dental School! It was nice to have this ceremony for him to be recognized. Ty and I are both excited for what is to come and feel so blessed he got into U of L, because we could't have picked a better place for our family!  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mexico Trips

Before we moved across the country Ty and I were blessed to go to Mexico twice! Yes we have the best parents ever! My parents took us to Puerto Vallarta in May and Ty's parents took us to Playa Del Carmen in June. Both trips were amazing, and we would go again in a heart beat!

Puerto Vallarta

Tyler, Lauren, Nancy, & Rulon

Shrimp Burritos! Ty asked me yesterday if we could look for a shrimp burrito reciepe... he is craving them! My Parents stop at the same dive restaurant for these shrimp burritos as soon as they land in Mexico and before they get on the plane to come home. Tyler and I know why now...they are delicious!

Cheers to a Great Vacation!

Laying by the pool, reading and having someone bring you drinks is my kinda trip! Ty and my Dad finished 3 books, while my Mom and I only read 2!   

Dinner was always a highlight... Especially at the restaurant "Donkey Hotey" or Don Quixote... you were close Mom! 

                                      Our balcony view... Wish you were here!

Thanks for a memorable trip Dad & Mom! We loved relaxing by the pool, snorkeling, boat rides with Alonzo, massages & pedicures on the beach, Dad jumping in the pool with his iPhone, and of course the shrimp burritos!

Playa Del Carmen

Ron, Josh, Tyler, Lauren, & Sherri

Ty and I had such great time with his parents and little brother! There is never a dull moment with the Hicks! I miss the special drinks...especially the Mint refreshing!

Yes the beaches are really this beautiful! The 5 of us got used to this view very easily!

The guys dressed up for dinner...No Jeans allowed... Sorry!

The Best/Craziest Adventure we have been apart of ... Snorkeling with WHALE SHARKS!  We took a 2 hour boat ride in a wild rain storm to where there was no land in sight. Then 2 by 2 we entered the water to swim next to a 25-30 ft whale sharks. It truly was an amazing experience that we will never forget!

This is a WHALE SHARK!

Thanks for an incredible trip! We loved bargain shopping, snorkeling w/ whale sharks, the clear blue ocean, scuba diving, playing cards, and drinking Dos Equis... NOT!  Well only when we were thirsty! :)