Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mexico Trips

Before we moved across the country Ty and I were blessed to go to Mexico twice! Yes we have the best parents ever! My parents took us to Puerto Vallarta in May and Ty's parents took us to Playa Del Carmen in June. Both trips were amazing, and we would go again in a heart beat!

Puerto Vallarta

Tyler, Lauren, Nancy, & Rulon

Shrimp Burritos! Ty asked me yesterday if we could look for a shrimp burrito reciepe... he is craving them! My Parents stop at the same dive restaurant for these shrimp burritos as soon as they land in Mexico and before they get on the plane to come home. Tyler and I know why now...they are delicious!

Cheers to a Great Vacation!

Laying by the pool, reading and having someone bring you drinks is my kinda trip! Ty and my Dad finished 3 books, while my Mom and I only read 2!   

Dinner was always a highlight... Especially at the restaurant "Donkey Hotey" or Don Quixote... you were close Mom! 

                                      Our balcony view... Wish you were here!

Thanks for a memorable trip Dad & Mom! We loved relaxing by the pool, snorkeling, boat rides with Alonzo, massages & pedicures on the beach, Dad jumping in the pool with his iPhone, and of course the shrimp burritos!

Playa Del Carmen

Ron, Josh, Tyler, Lauren, & Sherri

Ty and I had such great time with his parents and little brother! There is never a dull moment with the Hicks! I miss the special drinks...especially the Mint refreshing!

Yes the beaches are really this beautiful! The 5 of us got used to this view very easily!

The guys dressed up for dinner...No Jeans allowed... Sorry!

The Best/Craziest Adventure we have been apart of ... Snorkeling with WHALE SHARKS!  We took a 2 hour boat ride in a wild rain storm to where there was no land in sight. Then 2 by 2 we entered the water to swim next to a 25-30 ft whale sharks. It truly was an amazing experience that we will never forget!

This is a WHALE SHARK!

Thanks for an incredible trip! We loved bargain shopping, snorkeling w/ whale sharks, the clear blue ocean, scuba diving, playing cards, and drinking Dos Equis... NOT!  Well only when we were thirsty! :)