Thursday, July 7, 2011

Night at the "Downs"

The night of Tyler's first day of orientation the school provided all the first years tickets to a horse race at the famous, Churchill Downs race track. We were so excited for our first historical Kentucky site!


The arena and track were beautiful and it was definitely the place to be on a Friday night!

Of course we had to try the food. My mom & I got bourbon sausages with onions & yummy mustard!

The horses are so strong and pretty! The sound you hear as they round the corner is so cool!

Tyler couldn't take it any longer he had to get in on the action!  He bet $2 twice and lost both times.

We had such an amazing time and met a lot of great people. Even though it was the hottest Kentucky night we have had so far, we still enjoyed ourselves, sweaty n' all!  It was fun that my mom was still visiting so she was able to come with us, she is the best! Tyler and I are for sure going again!